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Tortoise Humor Recordings
The original music you'll find here is the synthesis of my fascination with American fretted instrument music that has lasted for more than forty years. It contains influences from the Beatles to Dan Emmett, from Sonny Boy Williamson to Ralph Stanley.

Music, to me, is a living energy that's heart is the drum beat of all humanity. The tempos change with our experiences. The words are as varied as the state of mind of the singer whether calming a child, helping pass the work time or belting out what the insides need to say. Music preserves our history of emotional screams, long detailed stories, humor, social commentary and reaffirms our spiritual soul.

Most of my songs try to teach us all something (see Sometimes I write to remind us of ordinary people doing heroic deeds or of the satisfaction and balance found in working constructively in nature. I try to write pretty melodies that are worth remembering and sometimes get stuck in your head.

Tortoise Humor recordings feature vintage guitars, mandolins and banjos of varying shapes, sizes and tonalities. Each recording project features a gathering of wonderful musicians, seldom heard instruments, and offers an array of refreshing sounds.

Enjoy and thanks!

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